Artistic legacy, creative skills, the best
digital technologies and extraordinary passion.

In addition to offering creative consulting services, we also design decorative art and drawings, provide technical assistance and customized research within the cultural heritage of our Archive. Archivio Spadacini’s also provide training both on artistic and technical aspects in the textile and industry sectors.
Archivio Spadacini can offer so much more, find out all the services.


Original drawings done both by hand and with graphic design software; created individually or as a series, they are co-ordinated by colour and theme, and inspired by the cultural heritage of Maestro Spadacini.
The drawings are created to meet the technical requirements for rendering or mass printing.
In fact, the clients will be provided with the module (repeat structure) and colour channels for the subsequent phases of colour variation.


Colour consulting and presentations of seasonal colour trends (autumn/winter and spring/summer) using mood-boards or through the elaboration of tailored individual advice.
We carry out our consultations by creating different colour variants, finding balance in colour tones and taking into consideration the final destination of the product.  Our studio acts as a guide in project creation and is able to really showcase the identity of the client and bring out its uniqueness in line with the original brief given to us.

Technical assistance

Assistance from the conception to the approval of the graphic design, up to the realization of the finished product by the client and / or the suppliers identified by him. The drawings are technically developed for the different intended uses for both printing and rendering. Colour advice is provided by creating harmonious colour variations and also with information about seasonal colour trends two years in advance.

Finished product

A “turnkey” project that fully reflects the identity and requests of the client, benefiting from the cultural heritage of the Archivio Spadacini.
Work management starting from the conception of the creative and graphic content up to the final delivery of a “made to order” product, for a complete service that ranges from fabrics to clothing, from accessories to interior furnishings up to great artefacts to bring a new, modern and unique aesthetic sense.

Digital library

Access to the digital library of the Archive and the sources connected to it to carry out in-depth and personalized research.
In addition to the 10,000 hand-made drawings, the thousands of printed fabrics, paper patterns, print paintings, printing transparencies, accessories and clothes, clients will have access to the thousands of volumes and publications collected by the Master during his fifty-year-long activity.

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