The atelier

Where modernity, tradition
and creativity come together.
Located at Suites & Atelier Lake Como, the headquarters of the Archivio Spadacini is the place where creativity reaches its full and complete realization. An environment of extreme aesthetic beauty capable of offering peace and concentration but also maximum digital connection, thanks to the support of the best technological tools.

A Historical identity carefully preserved and enhanced.

The Archivio Spadacini is located on the shores of Lake Como, within the ancient village of Coloniola.
The building, already known for hosting Studio Tucano and today called Suites & Atelier Lake Como, was set up in continuity with the legacy of the Master while maintaining its evident historical identity, from the medieval portico to the ancient stone well.

Nestling in the green of a private courtyard, the property has undergone a careful restoration under the guidance of the architect Ivo M. Redaelli who redesigned the over 500 square meters of surface.

The rooms have been reimagined and designed with a philological approach to highlight the original function, to recall the philosophy and lifestyle of Maestro Spadacini and to host moments of meeting and sharing.

Via Coloniola provides evidence that an ancient settlement was established here in Roman times.
As Maurizio Monti writes in “Storia Antica di Como” (An Ancient History of Como), in 59 B.C. Julius Caesar granted Roman citizenship “also to 500 Greek nobles, who settled away from the others along the shore, which precisely assumed the name of Coloniola, in order to distinguish themselves from the bulk of the Julian colony, which lived in the city”.

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